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Mark K Petruzzi Jr

Founder, Facilitator, Consultant, Coach
Success Waypoint programs help clients achieve practical results. The workshops combine new perspectives on emotional intelligence, with the latest learnings in neuroscience, plus a fresh approach to life balance (Life Alignment).

The idea is to change your life in the most effective way: from the inside, out. Speed your personal and professional progress. Talks and workshops are available in 60 min., 90 min., 1/2-day, 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day engagements.

Spread a multi-day private engagement over several weeks. Workshops can (and often do) include pre-work.
Mark K Petruzzi
Mark Petruzzi Jr

On SpeedReading and SpeedReaching People:

“This session presents a framework to gain insight into how to communicate most effectively with different people based on perceived behaviors. Mark Petruzzi does a great job explaining the model, providing examples, and engaging attendees.

Hands-on practice assessing real people gives participants an accelerated learning curve. Mark’s passion for the framework is evident in the way he presents the material. His flexibility in applying different means of communication demonstrates his mastery of the model.

I anticipate very positive results as members of the team apply the concepts learned today!”

~Mitch Stein, Director of Learning Center of Excellence | SourceMedical

Mark has great skill in creating a safe and empowering space for you to connect with your own guidance and come up with your own solutions. He was able to pick up on my potential blind spots and see what might be stopping me from getting what I want.

I gained many helpful practices and insights in my "toolbox" that allowed me to let go of what wasn't serving me and move forward with more clarity and confidence.  And his experience with the Enneagram and other spiritual/personality teachings gave me greater understanding of my patterns and tendencies. I highly recommend him!

~J.P., Ketchum Public Relations, Washington, D.C.

Learning Growing Professional Development
"The two In-Service programs, 'Bringing Your Spirit to Work' and 'Choice Level Living' were truly unique programs in content and how they were taught. Mark created a comfortable place for people to talk about how to turn around stressful and unproductive situations in the workplace and at home through the power of choice and honest communication. Everyone participated and the discussions were open, lively and helpful...."

"Mark is an effective teacher because he not only knows his Subject, but one gets the feeling he is living it. He is also a good listener and is responsive to his students. I am pleased that more people will have the opportunity to benefit from his teachings..."


Nan Peckham
Environmental Analyst 3
Connecticut DEP
Joy Success Victory

"I found Mr. Petruzzi’s positive, down-to-earth personality to be quite refreshing. It’s obvious that he’s very passionate about the information that he’s providing and I highly recommend him for whatever position he is seeking.

The world would be a much better place if he were given the opportunity to inspire more people!"


Sheri A. Vatteroni