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What's Holding You Back?

Imagine • Align • Focus • Communicate • Engage • Succeed

What’s holding you back? What keeps you from dreaming, moving—reaching for more out of your life? What’s keeping you from achieving some of the goals you’ve already set? Coaching can help you find your answers, unlock your potential, and deliver the personal progress you seek for yourself.

More than just down pat dot-point responses to the above queries, Success Waypoint coaching and workshops invite you to new perspectives about self and life. We can help you guide your personal and professional life approach into a better alignment with where you want to go, using the authority that you may have given away, and what we call your “Internal Compass.”

Read on, to find a sampling of our perspective and approach.

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Imagine what you want, and where you want to go, and think about it often. Try different scenarios using active imagination, and project into the future.

What is your "future self" like in the scenario you are considering? How does this course benefit you? How does it benefit others? For example, how does it benefit your employer or your clients? How will friends and family react? Overall, do you feel freer, or more constricted when you place yourself in this vision? Will it fit with your values and the rest of your life.

Worried about “living in the moment” or “being present”? The “now” is for appreciation, inspired action, and working with the current results of previous imaginings.

If you want to change the future, begin with imagination.


What are your habits of thought? What do you pay attention to? Why do you want what you want? Are you truly connected with your direction, or are you doing it because you "should" or only because someone else suggested that you do it.

What beliefs conflict with or add to your momentum in achieving your dreams? Do you have any conflicting objectives or desires? Do you have beliefs that regularly cause you stress? Who are you without those beliefs?

If you are a leader, check the alignment of your vision with that of your employees, community, and stakeholders.

Use the Desire Engine technique, or journaling, to sort through conflicts of thought and choice that might take you off your course. You might consider hiring a coach, or mentor, to help you through this process.

Life and work alignment will reduce stress, and release more energy toward where you want to go.

Our destiny changes with our thought; we shall become what we wish to become, do what we wish to do, when our habitual thought corresponds with our desire.
Orison Swett Marden


This process can run concurrently, or after the Align step.

Focus. Continue to evaluate your alignment, and bring focus back to those choices, thoughts, and actions that align with your direction and your dream.

Reduce or eliminate distractions where you can, and where appropriate. That doesn't mean you'll ignore friends, or skip vacations! It means you'll consciously choose where to put your energy. You'll take time for family friends and self, and carefully prioritize business/work activity to maximize your momentum in your chosen direction. Focus includes nurturing your health and well-being.


Do your listeners understand you? How well are you listening? Communication can make or break realization of a dream, vision, goal, or project. The number one reason for project failure, for relationship failure—for so many failures—is weak, or lack of, communication.

Become a student of communication. Seek ever greater understanding about the often diverse ways in which different personalities and cultures transmit and receive communication. Practice, practice, practice.

This practice will benefit your branding, your engagement, and your appreciation of diversity, and there's more.

To your practiced eye, styles of communication will reveal the variety of perceptions and preferences of others. You'll thus gain the opportunity to enrich your views, and better connect with those you are seeking to reach.

Communicate to connect. It is your connections and relationships that will help reveal new directions, new opportunities—and what’s holding you back.


Communicate. Network. Share. Blog. Participate in communities and associations where you will find support, and where you can contribute on the way to your objectives. Seek out like-minded others, and diversity too. Appreciate both, and you'll find more richness in your relationships.

Dig into your current work.

Appreciating what you have now, and delivering your best value there, will lend energy, and relieve stress, and benefit both your current work and any new direction you may consider.

Dig into your life. Appreciate it. Begin each day considering those things that mean the most to you, and who and what you appreciate. Now consider the value that you will bring to your life, and the lives of others as the day unfolds. Engage.


The succeed step is about realizing your goals, objectives, dreams, sure.

Celebrate! Rejoice!

That's great, but then you need a new goal, objective, dream to keep going, right?

We put "Succeed" at the end, but really, it is also the beginning. True Success (big S, as in "My life is a Success") is about feeling great about where you are and where you are going. That means success is more about habits of thought, than merely goal achievement, or how much abundance you have in a particular area of your life.

We all can appreciate and abundance of wealth, time, health, love, etc., but let's not confuse abundance with success. There are many who are wealthy in one or more of these areas, yet report not feeling successful at all.

Success involves enjoying the process of getting there as much, or more, than arriving. Success includes appreciation of past "failures" and "mistakes" as well as our wins.

Success is more about attitude, than arriving. It's a plane that's climbing, nose up, and turning the headwind of adversity into extra lift. Success is about embodying a growth mindset—one that enables us to take the contrasts of life in stride, using them for our continuing expansion.

Achieving this kind of successful outlook may mean adjusting some habitual thoughts and beliefs, and the payoffs are well worth the examination and change!

As with the other steps, you might consider hiring a coach to help you with this all-important process.

We can all benefit by reclaiming authority that up until now, we’ve practiced giving away in order to gain the approval of others — or for this or that imagined reason.

It's true that we increase our chances of happiness and success by making more of our choices based on what inspires us; from the inside out; with more focus of attention and "presence" than we are normally accustomed to.

There's real power in knowing that our happiness and success are not about someone else's actions or solution, but about finding what works for us, and practicing that with focus and positive expectation.

All of this is more easily written or said than done! It all comes down to what you want. What do you want? What are the thoughts you habitually think? What are the kinds of choices you make, and how do you make your choices? What you are willing to do to make your wants happen?

Imagine, align, focus, communicate, engage, succeed.